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Online Training

The ICH GCP online course ensures compliance and competence

With our ICH-GCP online course you can help ensure compliance in your organization and at investigator sites. Robust and cost-effective, this course is a key way for clinical sponsors and sites in general to help those designing, conducting and monitoring trials in establishments worldwide. By buying a training package, the industry, be it a manufacturer or CRO, hospitals ,and research institutions can provide the course to their own research staff and those working at investigator sites. This is how it works:

  • A company buys, for example, a license for 100 ICH GCP online courses at a discounted price. Access is provided from the ICH GCP Course Training site or we can create a custom Home Page which tells students about the course and which can include company specific information, brands, terms and contact details.
  • Importantly, you control access to the course through an easy-to-use administrator panel and decide who takes it by issuing the access information on a per student basis. (link to the admin demo account )
  • A big advantage for companies is that the license can allow for worldwide distribution of the course, meaning you are able to provide first class training to clinical staff no matter where they are based.
  • The administrator panel also provides key management information on who has taken the exam, how many times and who has passed – a critical feature in the event of regulatory inspection where up-to-date training records have to be produced.
  • The license can be topped up at any time.

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